Writerly Resolutions for 2015

Christmas is a time for sitting around and doing as little as possible, for as long as possible. Getting up at 2pm, not showering for days, binge-watching films and TV shows you never really wanted to watch – it’s the only time of the year when you have permission to do fuck all and no one can say anything to you.

But now the festive period is over. The tree must come down tomorrow, and we must all once again start doing something with our lives!

And so, it is time to make the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year, same sort of goals:

  • To submit a short story for publication somewhere;
  • For that short story to get published somewhere;
  • To complete the first draft of my novel.

Obviously the second one relies on someone else deciding that my work merits publication, but I thought that goal two might motivate me to hurry up and get goal one ticked off. No one’s going to publish a blank page, ha…

As for the novel writing, I have a huge chunk done (thank you NaNo) but keeping up the commitment of writing everyday will be difficult, especially after two weeks of sitting around at home doing nothing but eating and reading The Hunger Games (thank you Suzanne Collins).

The Hunger Games were really good by the way, I would recommend them. 

PS, goal number four:

  • Update blog more frequently and with things that are more substantial than the above.

I am sure you are glad to hear.